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Madison Police Department

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On Dec. 18, a report of theft by taking and criminal trespass was made at Walmart. According to reports, the manager on duty said the store used battery storage cage had been damaged and all batteries had been removed. Surveillance video showed a white four door sedan back up to the battery cage and a male occupant cut the cage and loaded the batteries into the vehicle and left the scene ten minutes later. The manager stated a total of 31 batteries valued at $12 each were stolen and estimated $500 in damage to the lock fixture on the cage. 

On Dec. 15, Stanley Mortez Tilley, 24, of Hampton, was arrested for interference with the business of another and giving false information to officers. According to reports, officers were called to the Circle K gas station for a dispute between a customer and store clerk. Upon arrival, officers observed numerous displays at the counter had been knocked over, various products on the floor, and a broken plexiglass divider at the register. The store clerk stated the customer, later identified as Tilley, attempted to buy a beer and black and milds without an ID. The clerk denied Tilley the items. Tilley then asked a female with him to purchase the items to which the clerk stated he could not sell them to her since Tilley first attempted to purchase them himself. He claimed Tilley became irate and began trashing the store. Officers located Tilley’s vehicle at the TA Truck Stop across the street and made contact with two females inside the car. They stated Tilley was inside buying black and milds and had not returned yet. Officers instructed them to leave and continued to wait for Tilley to exit the store. Once outside, officers questioned Tilley and transported him to the Circle K to get an identification from the clerk. After confirmation, officers informed Tilley he would be criminally trespassed from the property and would receive a citation for interfering with a business. According to reports, Tilley told officers his name was Leon Williams, but when officers ran the name, there were no matches in the system. Tilley then gave a different spelling of Leoan Williams, which also was not confirmed. Tilley was transported to the Morgan County Detention Center to be fingerprinted and ultimately gave officers his real name. Once confirmed, it was determined there was a warrant out for Tilley in Atlanta. A hold was placed for him and he received an additional citation for giving false name, address, or birthdate to a law enforcement officer. 

On Dec. 21, a damage to property report was filed at a Hancock St. address. According to reports, the complainant stated someone had struck the entrance to the parking deck at this location. Officers observed damage to the top and side beams at the entrance. After reviewing footage from a camera on the beams, it was determined a truck displaying “Collins Transport” on the side struck the entrance between 5-5:30 a.m. that morning. Officers were able to obtain a tag number, but it did not match the truck seen in the camera footage. 

On Dec. 16, an entering auto complaint was filed at Chancey’s Wrecker. According to reports, the complainant stated that his Lexus was towed to Chancey’s on Nov. 28 after he was arrested in Madison, where it remained throughout the day. Upon retrieving the vehicle, he said he observed the window was down and the key was on the seat. After inventorying his vehicle, he claimed more than $6,000-worth of items were missing, including a dive helmet, baseball gear, a laptop, welding equipment, and two boxes of fireworks. 

On Dec. 20, Travious Dequan Andrews, 23, of Madison, was arrested for possession of marijuana and violating the Georgia Hands Free Act. According to reports, officers initiated a traffic stop after observing Andrews holding a cell phone in front of him at his steering wheel. During the stop, officers also observed a plastic bag in the glove compartment when Andrews reached for his insurance card and saw what appeared to be a joint stashed in the steering wheel cover. A subsequent search of the vehicle confirmed the plastic bag had previously contained marijuana and there were two marijuana joints hidden in the steering wheel cover, loose marijuana in the glove box, and 10 additional bags that had contained marijuana. 

Andrews was issued citations for the hands free act and possession of marijuana and released at the scene. 

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