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Madison Police Department

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 On Dec. 22, a counterfeit complaint was filed at Regions Bank on Eatonton Road. According to reports, the complainant was attempting to deposit money at Regions Bank and was advised the currency was counterfeit. She claimed a man she knew gave her $750 to repay a loan he acquired from her mother. She was able to provide an address and phone number for the man and officers took possession of the currency and placed it into evidence.

On Dec. 25, officers responded to a dispute involving a 16-year-old at the Red Roof Inn. According to reports, the juvenile threw her cellphone, striking the television in the room, causing the screen to crack. Her parents were contacted and the father stated she had run away. Officers accompanied the parents to pick her up. After they were reunited with their daughter, the male subject involved in the earlier altercation confronted the father in the lobby. Officers stated he became belligerent and continued trying to start a confrontation with the father. The male subject was detained while officers determined that while he did attempt to instigate a confrontation, no clear threats were made by either party. Officers separated both parties and advised them not to contact each other, explaining their options if either wished to pursue charges against the other. 

On Dec. 27, a harassing phone calls complaint was filed at a Sulgrave Rd. address. According to reports, the complainant said she began receiving threatening text messages from a man in Walton County after her friend and her child came to stay at her address subsequent to them leaving the man. Officers saved screenshots of the messages.

On Dec. 28, an employee theft complaint was filed at the Golden Pantry on North Main Street. According to reports, a cashier used the remaining balance on a customer’s lottery winning voucher to purchase $135 in lottery tickets. The victim stated he used $130 of his $265 winning voucher to purchase various store items and was told by the cashier he would have to get the remaining balance the next day and that she would have to keep his voucher. The store manager reviewed surveillance tape and saw the cashier later buy and scratch lottery tickets with the remaining $135 on the victim’s voucher balance. Officers searched for the cashier at the Relax Inn where she was residing but was unable to locate her.

On Dec. 28, a report of a suspicious person at the Jaz Mart Fuel Station on Monticello Road was filed. According to reports, the clerk observed a male subject behaving oddly, parked in front of a fuel pump for over an hour and continuously walking around the car, shuffling items from the trunk to the passenger side of the vehicle. Officers ran the tag on the vehicle and discovered it had been reported stolen in Henry County. They detained the subject on suspicion of theft by receiving stolen property while making contact with the registered owner of the vehicle. The victim stated the man was her ex-husband and had been living with her but the two had gotten into an argument the previous day and he took her vehicle without permission. At the time, she declined to press charges and the vehicle was towed. Officers transported the man to Greensboro at his request. The victim later contacted officers and said she would like to press charges. She was issued a case number and informed of her options to pursue charges. 

On Dec. 28, officers responded to a theft or mislaid property complaint involving a 9mm handgun at an East Jefferson Street address. According to reports, the complainant said she noticed her handgun was missing while packing and preparing to move. She stated the weapon must have gone missing between Sep. 1 and Dec. 22.

On Dec. 30, officers responded to a criminal trespass and property damage complaint at a Billups St. address. According to reports, the complainants claimed someone entered their yard in the middle of the night and pulled the gate off of their pig pen that housed two small pet pigs. They stated the pigs got out and into someone else’s yard and animal control had to be involved. Officers observed the gate was not likely damaged and removed by the pigs as it was made using metal hinges and metal latch and was nailed to a fence made of pallets. The complainants said there had never been issue with the pigs before and had no further evidence of who may have broken the gate and let them out. Officers advised them to get surveillance cameras in their yard and around to the house to get photo evidence of who may be entering their yard and causing damage.

On Dec. 30, Decarlos Stephen McKnight, 23, of Reserve, LA, was arrested for possession of marijuana and speeding in excess of maximum limits. According to reports, McKnight was traveling at 97 mph on I-20 eastbound. During the traffic stop, officers detected an odor coming from the Dodge Charger and subsequently located a small amount of marijuana in a brown paper bag inside the console and another small jar that contained marijuana stuck between the passenger seat and center console.

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