Morgan County Sheriff’s Office

Morgan County Sheriff’s Office

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On Jan. 9, a deposit account fraud complaint was filed at a Sewell Church Road, Mansfield, residence. According to reports, a man stated that while he was looking for employment he responded to a help wanted ad on Facebook for a “personal assistant.” The man said after he contacted the company regarding the job and told them his name, age, and sex, he got the job. The complainant said the company then sent him a check for $2,550 that was pre-payment for work “because of COVID” However, the man said he became suspicious, in part, because the company would only respond via text and that his supervisor told him after the check was in his bank he would give him instructions on how and where to send funds to his “charitable endeavors.” The complainant also said the man inferred that the company had a Madison location, which it does not.

On Jan. 9, a vehicle towed report was filed near the intersection of the Madison by-pass and Greensboro Road. According to reports, a deputy observed a mini-van parked in the turn lane off Madison by-pass near Greensboro Road. A woman was standing next to the passenger door of the van. The woman told the deputy she was distraught because she had seen a black pickup truck that looked similar to a man who had allegedly been stalking her. The woman told the deputy she was trying to get to Habersham County. The deputy advised the woman she would have to move her van. The woman then got into the vehicle and turned right on Greensboro Road. The deputy followed and the woman turned around at Woodcraft Road. The deputy again told the woman to follow Greensboro Road to U.S. 441 and turn right to go north to Habersham. The woman drove to U.S. 441 but turned left. The deputy performed a traffic stop and determined that the woman was having a mental episode. The deputy called her son in Atlanta who said he had two small children and a pregnant wife and could not come and get the woman. The deputy reached the woman’s daughter who advised she would try and contact the woman’s brother for a ride. The daughter then called back and advised that she and her husband would come and pick up the woman. The deputy had the vehicle towed and drove the woman to the Love’s Travel Center to wait for her daughter.

On Jan. 8, a criminal trespass complaint was filed at a Wildflower Way residence. According to reports, a woman alleged that another woman came to her residence to talk about the complainant’s husband. The complainant said she did not want to discuss her husband, who is currently incarcerated, with the woman and that she did not want the woman on her property.

On Jan. 5, a civil matter report was filed at a Cochran Road residence. According to reports, a man said his estranged wife had told him she wanted a divorce around the Christmas holidays. The man said the woman initially took the couple’s son but then brought him back on Jan. 2. The man also alleged that the woman took the family’s only functioning vehicle and that she was the only person supporting the family financially and he was worried about food for the family.

On Jan. 4, a damage to property report was filed at a Sewell Church Road, Mansfield, residence. According to reports, a man said at 3 p.m. his residence lost power. The man said his wife jumped up and observed a white Chrysler 300 leaving the driveway. The man later observed that a vehicle had struck a green power box owned by Walton EMC. The vehicle had left a white paint scratch on the corner of the box.

On Jan. 4, a reckless driving complaint was filed at Interstate 20, westbound. According to reports, a woman reported that after she had passed a blue truck pulling a white trailer, the truck sped up and then forced her into the median. The woman said she followed the truck including when it exited Interstate 20 at the 113 exit. The woman said she then attempted to pass the truck on the exit ramp and the truck forced her into a guard rail before getting back on Interstate 20. The woman said while on Interstate 20 the second time, the truck allegedly ran a Mercedes van off the road.

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