Rundown on the Runoffs: Loeffler vs. Warnock

Staff Written News

Kelly Loeffler

By Tia Lynn Ivey

Managing Editor 

Senator Kelly Loeffler, born in 1970, is a newbie to the campaign trail even though she is a sitting senator. 

Loeffler was never elected to office, but appointed by Georgia Governor Brian Kemp in 2019 after Senator Johnny Isakson stepped down due to health issues. Loeffler was born, raised and educated in Illinois, earning an MBA from DePaul University. She relocated to Georgia in 2002, becoming a lead executive for the Intercontinental Exchange. She married the CEO of the company, Jeff Sprecher. Loeffler is also a co-owners of the WNBA’s Atlanta Dream. She is reportedly the richest member of the Senate, with a combined worth of $500 million with her husband. On the campaign trail, Loeffler describes herself as “pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, pro-military, pro-wall, and pro-Trump.” 

Loeffler has pledged to uphold “conservative values”  to support the appointment of conservative judges and continue Trump’s “pro-growth” economic stance of cutting regulations and lowering taxes. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, she argued to “reopen the economy” and opposed bailouts to “blue states,” citing concerns over “socialist policies.” 

Loeffler is pro-life, supporting defunding Planned Parenthood and enacting stricter regulations around abortion. She supports religious liberty to citizens to deny service to LGBTQ people. Loeffler adamantly opposes any gun regulations. She introduced the Protecting Public Safety and Supporting Law Enforcement Act and has voiced support for police reforms. She opposes climate change proposals like the Green New Deal. She supports repealing the Affordable Care Act and supports using “free market solutions” to make healthcare more affordable. 

She advocates for reduced spending  and shrinking the national debt. She opposes legalizing marijuana  for recreational use. As a Senator, she is a member of the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee. She supports “school choice” for low-income and disabled children through her new legislation proposal, “Choice for Every Child Act.” 

She opposes making public college free. She has supported efforts in Georgia to end human trafficking and donates part of her Senate salary to Wellspring Living, a nonprofit serving victims of human trafficking. She also serves on the Senate’s Veterans Affairs Committee and supports “quality healthcare, job training and placement for veterans.” She is also a member of the Senate Agriculture Committee. She supports policy that would “maintain high-speed internet and access to fair trade in rural Georgia. Like Perdue, Loeffler accuses her democratic opponents of being “radical socialists,” while her critics allege she unethically dumped millions of dollars worth of stock after a classified briefing on the coronavirus pandemic. 

She denies any wrongdoing. “Those are lies perpetrated by the left wing media and Democrats to distract from their radical agenda,” said said at a December debate against Warnock. 

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