Unsolved road rage murder being revisited

Staff Written News

By Patrick Yost


Forty years ago on Nov. 16, 1980, Chief Deputy Keith Howard says a man shot and killed 23-year-old James Keith Fullwood while Fullwood stood on the side of the road near the intersection of Plantation Road and U.S. 441.

The killing, Howard says, was part of a road rage incident in which a vehicle Fullwood was a passenger and another vehicle were trying to pass a silver Mustang. During the event, someone in the Mustang threw a bottle and struck one of the two vehicles. A confrontation ensued and the Mustang left, but returned quickly and a man in the passenger seat of the Mustang reached out of the window with a pistol and fired into the group, striking and killing Fullwood.

And now, Howard says, Morgan County is seeking answers.

“Recently new information coupled with advancements in forensic evidence testing has led investigators to re-examine the cold case,” stated a press release from the Sheriffs’ Office. “While it would not be appropriate to discuss specific details, the case is being actively investigated by the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office with assistance from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI).”

Howard says more than 14 people witnessed the shooting. In total, three vehicles were driving south on U.S. 441 as a group. All three had left Commerce after a day of racing when they had a confrontation with the Mustang. The Mustang made it difficult for two of the vehicles to pass, he says, which prompted the confrontation. “The death of Fullwood remains unsolved,” the release states.

However, Morgan officials are reaching out to the populace for answers, for hope that the man who pulled the trigger that fateful day has mentioned the act to someone. Howard says investigators have been able to piece together several connections but need more. 

“To bring resolution to the victims family, we are asking that anyone who may have information about this case please contact Chief Deputy Keith Howard at the Morgan County Sheriffs Office at (706) 818-0066 or,” the release states.

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