Rugby Club kicks off season

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By Tom White

Sports Writer

Saturday, the Morgan County High School Rugby Club began its season with a pair of scrimmages against the Alpharetta Phoenix Rugby Club. The team showed great growth against the defending state champions but lost both matches, 24-5 and 19-5. 

The MCHS Rugby Club is entering its third season and playing against teams like Alpharetta helps to build game experience for the three players, Jacere Copper, Nymph Carrera, and Levi Whittaker, who have never played before this season as they take on players with much more experience. 

Scoring for the Morgan County “Ruggers” was Jaden Cooper with a try in the first match on a 20-yard run and Jacob Pritchett with a 40-yard run for a try in the second. 

Your first opportunity to see the team at home is Saturday, Feb. 13, when they host their first home tournament of the season. 

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