Biscuit leads to brawl at truck stops

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By Patrick Yost


An alleged bad biscuit at Love’s Truck Stop led a man to choke another man and has officers searching for a bald, white man wearing blue jeans.

According to Madison Police Department reports, a Hardee’s customer was complaining about a foreign object in his biscuit at a counter when a bald man waiting to get his order became enraged. The complainant, who suffered bruises to his neck in the incident, was demanding a new biscuit and wanted the phone number for the restaurant’s manager when the bald man pushed him against a fountain drink dispenser and began to choke the man.

The suspect called the complainant a “bald ••••••••••••,” grabbed him by the throat and forced him to the cashier and demanded that the complainant apologize. The complainant asked the cashier to call the police and the man, who was wearing blue jeans, left the restaurant using the trucker’s entrance.

An employee at the Hardee’s said the suspect has come into the store in the past. Reports state that the complainant has an “overall loud voice that carries,” but, based on a video of the incident, he did not “become disruptive… in any way.”

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