Four teachers receive $20k in grants from Walton EMC

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By Patrick Yost

Staff writer

Four teachers in the Morgan County Charter School System have been awarded more than $20,000 in grants from Walton EMC.

The Morgan County High School engineering teacher was awarded a $5,000 grant for his class to finish the class Tiny Home project. The home, being constructed by the students, is part of the program’s smart home technology and green energy application component.

Also at Morgan County High School, science instructor Alec Johnson was awarded a $3,060 grant to purchase four telescopes and accessories that connect the telescopes to smart phones that allow the students to view the night sky and take photos using the telescopes. The grant will help Johnson jump-start plans for an Astronomy Club.

At Morgan County Middle School, instructor Kathleen Bryant was given a $1,500 grant to purchase a light board. The grant will allow Bryant to train students to use the light board during presentations and shows at the school’s Cafe.

Morgan County Elementary School instructor Katherine Edwards received a $10,000 grant that will allow her to partner with Books for Keeps, a summer reading program based in Athens. The grant will enable the school to provide students with four to five “high interest books that they want to read” to take home during the summer. The “Stop Summer Slide! Books for Keep Partnership” hopes to keep students engaged in reading when school is not in session.

Instructor Jennifer Hayes received a $717 grant to purchase child-sized safety goggles and a disinfecting cabinet that plugs into a wall and uses ultraviolet light to disinfect the goggles.

In total, the instructors received $20,277 in grants from Walton EMC.

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